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Case Study: Clever Email Migration and Safe Archiving Thanks to MailStore

Mister Spex, Europe’s leading online eyewear retailer, has entrusted its email archiving to MailStore Server since February 2014. The company chose MailStore after a month-long test phase, during which different solutions were tested. For example, the company evaluated to what extent different archiving strategies could be implemented for various areas of business. Archived email is deleted from the mail server after various specified time periods are surpassed, depending on the employee’s position.

In addition to this, our archiving solution earned points in other areas. The attractive price-performance ratio was also persuasive, as well as the fact that the old data records from the previous mail server could be stored in the archive for the upcoming migration, thus significantly lowering the storage demands on the new mail server.

After a year in use, the verdict of project manager Matthias Junge, senior system administrator, is clearly positive. “Once MailStore Server is installed, you have to make sure you don’t forget about it, because it functions so smoothly. Particularly in the IT field that means a lot, although unfortunately it cannot be taken for granted. The Active Directory integration and archiving are so highly automated that maintenance is almost exclusively limited to update installation and distribution. This reliability, together with the excellent price-performance ratio, makes MailStore Server a superb product for us.”

Read all the details in our current case study and find out why Mr. Junge from Mister Spex would always recommend MailStore.

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