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EBERTLANG Honored as the World’s Most Successful MailStore Distributor

vad-of-the-year-2014-blogMailStore awards EBERTLANG the ‘Value Added Distributor of the Year 2014’ prize commending the company’s outstanding performance. The special distributor for infrastructure software receives a partner award for being the MailStore distributor with the highest sales worldwide.

“We are very pleased to know that such a successful and dedicated partner is on our side,” said Tim Berger, CEO of MailStore. “EBERTLANG is quite familiar with our portfolio and possesses the resources and expertise needed to provide our channel partners with the perfect level of support. They proved this again most remarkably last year. Our shared customers were supported with a superior level of commitment and the reseller network was expanded significantly. They have more than earned the award as ‘VAD of the Year.’”

Detailed information about the MailStore Partner Award can be found in our official press release.

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