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MailStore Enables Legacy Vacation Club to Offer Efficient e-Discovery

MailStore Server supports companies with its compliance concept. It not only helps them to comply with the applicable legal guidelines, it also offers protection in legal disputes. In the case of a legal dispute, for example, the entire email archive can be searched to quickly determine whether important electronic evidence can be provided for the legal proceedings.

This was one of the reasons that Scott D. Zane, Managing Director of Information Technology at Legacy Vacation Club, was interested in an email archiving solution. “My former employer was in a legal dispute and did not have a solution for archiving email. Most of the evidence was based on emails from around a dozen employees. I spent almost six months of my life collecting, indexing, and pouring over PST files. That was a very unpleasant experience and I swore that it would never happen again.”

The American hotel chain, with eight resorts in Florida, New Jersey, Colorado and Nevada and 275 employees, not only has quick access to search all emails since rolling out MailStore Server in May 2013, it also profits from the reduced workload of the mail server and a protection against data loss.

Read the complete case study and find out why the company opted for MailStore Server and how the solution has performed in daily use. You can also find other case studies on our website.

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