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Service Providers Can Benefit from A Free NFR Instance for Their Own Use

Registered providers could previously test the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) for a 30-day free trial period and also offer their customers a 30-day trial period to gain first-hand practical experience with the service. We are now offering providers who already include email archiving as a service based on the MailStore SPE in their portfolio with a free NFR instance for their own purposes.

This instance can be permanently used for the company’s own email archiving for up to 25 users. This way, providers can benefit from the numerous advantages the MailStore SPE has to offer while honing their technical expertise.

Our MailStore SPE team would be pleased to answer your questions about the free NFR instance.

You are not yet registered as a provider, and you would like further information on the MailStore SPE? Register for free to access extensive product information in our partner portal.

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