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Gold award for MailStore Server

MailStore Server 6 today won a Gold Award by the leading Exchange resource site MSExchange.org. In a detailed review Exchange MVP J. Peter Bruzzese stated he “liked Mail Store Server a lot”. Because he felt “it was incredibly easy-to-use, extremely flexible, reasonably priced and well supported” the highest category of praise was given.

Bruzzese even pointed out that MailStore Server is a solution which might be preferred over the Exchange 2010 built-in archive features. “With MailStore Server Single Instance Storage remains and it will reduce the storage requirements.” Further lauding statements: Mr. Bruzzese doesn’t think “the installation could have gone any smoother” and liked the well structured server configuration side. Besides the compliance options the author especially refers to the information provided online as the manual, implementation guides and lots of articles. He was “impressed with the extent of the Help available online”.

MailStore CEO Tim Berger is most notably proud of his support team. In the review this part of the solution package is honorably mentioned by Mr. Bruzzese: “As for support, as already mentioned, I felt the online documentation and Help structure was enough for me to get MailStore Server up and running without any additional support.  I did reach out for assistance from the company because I had a question and they responded immediately and pointed me in the right direction.” So he “felt confident giving MailStore Server the Gold Award it deserved.”

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