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NEW: MailStore Server 6

Today we are very excited to announce the next major MailStore release. With MailStore Server 6 we refine the concept of MailStore Server by combining a powerful technology with low costs and simple handling. That way particularly small and medium-size businesses benefit from up-to-date compliance features of the highest technical and structural standard. Using MailStore Server 6 increases the efficiency and dependability of email servers, simplifies and accelerates backups as well as ensures compliance with legal requirements.

This significant new version offers new functionalities such as (click the thumbs to enlarge the screenshots):

  • New User Interface: Now much cleaner, sleek and modern.
  • New Administrator Dashboard: Shows relevant information such as server OS information, disk usage, errors, warnings, archive statistics, compliance information, current activity and license information.
  • New Compliance Features: Retention Policies. Legal Hold. Auditing. Auditor Access. E-mail Preview Barrier for Administrators.
  • New MDaemon Messaging Server Support: First class support for one of the most popular email servers in the world.
  • New Email Archiving and Export UI: Run multiple profiles at the same time in the background without having to start separate MailStore Client instances. View information and statistics about the last executions.
  • New File Group Format: Upgrade to this new format and gain dramatically higher performance and scalability. Automatically create new file groups based on interval (yearly, quarterly or monthly) or on thresholds (number of messages, file group size in GB) directly from the storage locations UI.
  • New Directory Services Support: Synchronize with Active Directory, MDaemon or various LDAP servers such as OpenLDAP using a clear and consistent UI. Active Directory support has been completely rewritten to be able to support even complex setups.
  • New MailStore Server Service Configuration: Replaces the Base Configuration tool of previous MailStore Server versions. Specify separate X.509 certificates for the various services such as HTTPS and IMAP-SSL. Import certificates from files or create new self-signed certificates. New built-in debug log viewer. Improved automatic Windows Firewall configuration now also opens the MailStore Web Access ports.
  • Hundreds of minor improvements and bug fixes.

With version 6 the developers of MailStore Server streamlined design and usability extensively. The new look and feel is elegant, modern und functional. Due to optimized archive and storage functionalities a strikingly increased overall performance and scalability could be achieved. Moreover the new administrator dashboard offers all important information as disk usage, archive statistics and current activities at a glance.

Email Archiving and Compliance

As email has become the most common form of business communication, the majority of countries have put in place email compliance laws or regulations that require companies to keep their email available for use in litigation or other legal procedures. With the latest release MailStore Server provides functionalities as integral components which could only be found exclusively as a part of more complex solutions so far. Retention policies, legal hold or the auditor access: With MailStore Server 6 companies steadily keep track of the information flow, ensure the availability of company’s mission-critical information and can face the future with a reliable archiving strategy.

Download now new MailStore Server 6.
More screenshots, logos, a boxshot and press releases are ready to download here.

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