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Tell me why

If kids start questioning using the word “why” most parents tend to run out of the child’s room, screaming. To be honest most of us think in the first moment: “How stupid”! But this reflex shows more about us than about the seemingly clumsy attempt of the younger. We really don’t know the facts asked for – or even don’t want to. And there are these awkward situations: “Daddy, why is this limping man so chubby?”. Oh well…

Some things work very strange in society too. Why do people carry on wars – today in 2011? Didn’t they learn anything at school? Why don’t we behave friendly and charmingly all day long – haven’t we heard of what goes around, comes around? Why do we sit twelve ours a day in front of visual displays drinking coke instead of walking through green fields and having healthy food? People are strange…

Why do I tell you this? Because we at MailStore – especially our sales and support teams –  had tons of these “why questions” too. Why archiving? What for shall I have uninterrupted access to all my emails all the time? Why email at all? We put two documents in our download area – as an approach to the perfect answer.



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