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Application Scenarios

Single Server Operation

This mode is suitable for service providers with a smaller number of customers or users. It can be set up in just a few minutes. In this mode, all MailStore Service Provider Edition components are installed in a single setup process onto just one server. Multi server mode can be easily migrated to, should customer numbers increase.

Multi Server Operation

When choosing multi server operation, the individual components of the MailStore Service Provider Edition (instance hosts and client access servers) are run on different servers and managed and monitored centrally via the management server. This ensures almost unlimited scalability.

MailStore SPE Components

Management Server

The management server is responsible for centrally managing and monitoring all components of the MailStore SPE. The administrator can control the system either using the web-based Management Console or via an API.

Instance Hosts

Instance hosts are used to operate the instances that have been created for the customers. If the existing instance hosts are running at full capacity, it is possible to add further instance hosts to run additional instances.

Client Access Server

End customers access their instances via the client access servers. By running multiple client access servers, different load balancing and security concepts can be implemented.

System Requirements

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022 (Essentials, Standard, Datacenter, Datacenter Azure Edition)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (Essentials, Standard, Datacenter)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (Essentials, Standard, Datacenter)

Additional Requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.8

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