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Stadtwerke Kulmbach

Email Archiving with MailStore at Stadtwerke Kulmbach

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Stadtwerke Kulmbach is a public utility company serving the town of Kulmbach in Bavaria, Germany with a staff of around 100. Not least due to its close ties with the people of the region, Stadtwerke Kulmbach is required to handle a large volume of email traffic that is archived with MailStore Server as part of a professional email management system.

Legally Compliant Email Archiving Made Simple

“We’ve been using MailStore Server since 2018 and benefiting from the entire range of functions and features provided by the email archiving software,” says Thomas Müller, Head of IT at Stadtwerke Kulmbach. “As well as offloading our email server and guarding against data loss, the software’s speed and simplicity when it comes to archiving emails in a legally compliant manner are really impressive.” The discussion with the IT chief makes it clear that positive acceptance on the part of the users, who benefit from being able to search for emails quickly, is a key selling point for the MailStore product.

“MailStore Server not only provides us with legally compliant email archiving, it comes with a whole suite of additional benefits. MailStore Server was quick to set up, and offers high performance with an excellent price/performance ratio.”
Thomas Müller, Head of IT

Test Phase

Project leader Thomas Müller, Head of IT
  • Fulfill legal compliance requirements
  • Reduce the workload on the email server
  • Eliminate mailbox quotas
  • Simplify backup and restore processes
  • Guard against data loss
  • Back up PST files
  • Fast searching for archived emails
Length of the test phase No test phase
Decision Key arguments in favor of implementing MailStore Server as the email archiving solution:

  • “MailStore Server is a quick and simple means by which to archive emails in a legally compliant manner.”
  • “Very good price/performance ratio”

Live Use

Implementation date From August 2018 on
Number of licensed users 120 (October 2019)
IT infrastructure in use
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Two Microsoft Exchange 2016 servers
  • Client: Outlook 2013
Evaluation of the initial installation times and costs “The installation and initial setup of MailStore Server took a minimum amount of time.”
User administration “The users were assigned through synchronization with the Active Directory in MailStore Server.”
Archiving method “We use both journal archiving and mailbox archiving. We also use retention policies, e.g. to ensure that candidates’ application documents are automatically deleted in line with data privacy laws.”
Evaluation of live operation “After a brief and simple installation phase, we’ve been using MailStore Server since 2018. Time and effort spent on maintenance is minimal, and if we do have any queries, the competent technical support provided by EBERTLANG Distribution GmbH quickly points us in the right direction.”
End user access
  • MailStore Outlook Add-in
Evaluation of the documentation “The technical documentation provides a good overview and covers all use cases.”
Evaluation of the solution stability “The software is extremely stable and delivers excellent performance.”
Evaluation of ongoing maintenance costs “MailStore Server stands out in practical use thanks to the minimum maintenance required.”

About Stadtwerke Kulmbach

Stadtwerke Kulmbach is a public utility company operated as a commercial enterprise by the municipal authorities of the town of Kulmbach. It pursues clearly formulated goals with high standards in the interest of the region, its people, and the environment. In committing wholeheartedly to these objectives, the company’s 100 employees strive to take the right steps in order to be appreciated as “good neighbors” and a true partner to the townspeople. As well as providing drinking water and disposing of wastewater, the municipal enterprise supplies gas and electricity, manages and operates recreational facilities such as the local indoor swimming pool and ice rink, and manages 330 hectares of woodland as a drinking water protection zone.


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