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Email Archiving with MailStore at Horn & Company

MailStore Server Case Study

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Horn & Company is a top management consultancy specializing in banks and insurance companies and headed up by partners with long-standing experience acquired at various major consultancies. Its 100-plus consultants focus on designing strategy processes, income-oriented performance enhancement, and digital transformation. Horn & Company’s clients include institutes from Germany’s savings banks (Sparkassen) organization, cooperative financial services network and private financial services sector, as well as mid- to large-sized industrial and commercial enterprises. HORN & COMPANY has received multiple accolades in independent consultancy surveys.

Reducing the Workload of the Email Server and Fast Searches

“We’ve been using MailStore Server at all our domestic and international offices since 2015,” says Sebastian Danisch, IT manager at Horn & Company. “In addition to eliminating mailbox quotas and cutting the workload of the email server, we’re happy to be able to archive emails in a legally compliant manner.” The IT expert rates the initial installation and setup times and costs as low, and attests to the outstanding price-performance ratio of the software developed in Viersen, Germany. His verdict: “Highly recommended.”

“MailStore Server offers a wide range of benefits for IT and users alike. IT and the software combine to reduce the workload of the email server and client cache, while our staff are able to search for and find emails and attachments much faster and more selectively.”
Sebastian Danisch, IT manager

Test Phase

Project leader Sebastian Danisch, IT manager
  • Fast search for archived emails
  • Reduce the workload of the email server
  • Eliminate mailbox quotas
Length of the test phase “A test phase wasn’t necessary, as I’d already implemented the software at a number of companies and was impressed by its performance.”
Decision Key arguments in favor of implementing MailStore Server as the email archiving solution:

  • Long-standing experience with MailStore from other projects and familiarity with ongoing enhancements
  • Price-performance ratio

Live Use

Implementation date As of October 2015
Number of licensed users 140 (as at: May 2020)
IT infrastructure in use
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016 server (DAG cluster)
  • Client: Outlook 2013/2019
  • Virtual Windows server with UNC link to the NAS system
Evaluation of the initial installation times and costs “The installation and initial setup of MailStore Server took very little time and required hardly any specialist IT know-how.”
User administration “Users were assigned as a group through synchronization with the Active Directory.”
Archiving method Mailbox archiving
Evaluation of live operation “Following the quick and easy installation of MailStore Server in 2015, we’ve been using the software ever since. It works reliably and requires very little maintenance.”
End user access
  • MailStore Outlook Add-in
  • MailStore Web Access
Evaluation by end users “Initial skepticism about the installation of new software gave way to enthusiasm. Our colleagues are now able to search for and find emails and their attachments faster and more selectively, resulting in the widespread acceptance of MailStore Server throughout the company.”
Evaluation of the documentation “Although the documentation is very extensive, it’s still easy to understand. It’s a really straightforward self-help tool.”
Evaluation of technical support “The technical support is friendly, extremely competent, and has always come up with the right solutions promptly so far.”
The technical aspects I found particularly impressive “The indexing of individual mailboxes and attachments and resulting remarkable search speed.”

About Horn & Company

Founded in 2009, Horn & Company is a top management consultancy focused on banks and insurance companies. Over time, its range of consulting services has been extended to include the business segments “Industrial Goods & Services” and “Retail & Consumer Goods”. Today, the consultancy with a workforce of around 100 staff is managed by over 30 partners/associate partners. Many of the consultants can draw on experience from various major consultancies and in the field.

Horn & Company specializes in the design of strategy processes, income-oriented performance enhancement and digital transformation. As a top management consultancy, it covers the entire value chain of its clients.

Moreover, the founding of Horn & Company Data Analytics has pooled expertise in data analytics, big data and AI, while neuland.digital has been established as an innovation hub for the development of new business models. This provides Horn & Company with a highly efficient consulting ecosystem for the digital transformation of its clients.

Horn & Company was crowned “Hidden Champion of the Consulting Market in the Banking and Insurance Category” by Germany’s Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB) for 2020/21, thereby repeating its success in 2018/19.


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