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Enid Public Schools

MailStore Implemented at Enid Public Schools

MailStore Server Case Study

Enid Public Schools, established in 1892, is a public school district located in Enid, Oklahoma, USA. It consists of one high school, three middle schools and eleven elementary schools, which are commonly referred to as “neighborhood” schools. The district also has an alternative school, as well as an adult education center and represents one of Oklahoma’s fastestgrowing districts, currently serving 8,063 students with 1,200 teachers and administrative staff.

Test Phase

Project Leader Michael Shellito, District Systems Administrator
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Simplify backup and restore
  • Protect against data loss
Length of the test phase 30 days
Decision Enid Public Schools was impressed by MailStore because of various reasons:

  • Very reasonable with the costs of per user licensing
  • Drop dead simple – Server installation is straightforward, configuration is flexible and integration with our Exchange/AD environment is flawless
  • The low-key administration needed day-to-day to maintain the server

Live Use

Implemented in December 2009
Number of licensed users 1,500
IT infrastructure in use
  • Exchange 2010
  • Outlook 2013
  • PST files
Platform on which MailStore Server is installed Windows Server 2003 in a VMWare virtual environment

“We are using a Storage Area Network (SAN). The initial installation was on a bare-metal server, which was virtualized later.”

User administration Users were assigned via directory service synchronization in MailStore Server.
Archiving method Enid Public Schools use MailStore Server to archive all incoming and outgoing emails (journal archiving). This method has the advantage that the integrity of the archive can be backed up and emails cannot be manipulated before they are archived. This ensures compliance with legal requirements.
End user access MailStore Web Access
Evaluation of the permanent maintenance effort “Excellent! Set and forget configurations allow us to automatically create manageable archive stores, detach and offload these archives by expiry date, and yet maintain legal obligations. Creation and removal of users’ accounts within our Exchange/Active Directory environment is simple with MailStore’s integrated directory services.”
Evaluation of the stability “Rock solid. We have never had a critical issue with MailStore’s operations since installation.”
Evaluation of the performance “Top-notch!”
Evaluation of the technical support “I’ve only needed to contact support three times, for small incidents. Each time, support replied promptly, with helpful links to documentation that allowed me to resolve the issues.”
Evaluation of the technical documentation “Documentation is concise, helpful and complete for installation and configuring MailStore Server.
Evaluation of the live use “Management is confident in MailStore’s ability to meet our legal requirements, I am happy with my ability to manage the system, and end-users’ who have needed access to the system for search and restore operations have usually only needed my direction to the MailStore server’s web access to satisfy their needs.”

Overall Assessment

“I have only great things to say about MailStore. I would recommend its email archiving solution to any organization. It’s simplicity of setup, ease of configuration require minimal administration and make MailStore Server an excellent archiving solution.”

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