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Dobi Inter-AG

MailStore Implemented at Dobi

MailStore Server Case Study

MailStore Case Study implemented at DobiThe independent, family-run company Dobi-Inter AG has been active in the cosmetics industry for more than 50 years. Today, the company is one of the largest cosmetics wholesalers in Switzerland, specializing in hair care, nail cosmetics, and foot treatments. Dobi-Inter AG runs the largest center of excellence for beauty in Europe, with a specialist warehouse of over 1,500 m2, containing nearly 14,000 different products, a training center, and a showroom for equipment and furniture. Dobi-Inter AG is headquartered in Suhr, Switzerland, with further branch offices in Etoy and Zurich. The company also develops and sells its own cosmetics and hair care products under the brand name ‘Dobi.’

Test Phase

Project leader Lukas Kaiser, Head of IT
  • Reduce the workload of the email server
  • Simplify complicated backup and restore processes
  • Backup PST files
  • Protect against data loss
  • Enable quick search through all emails
Length of the test phase Two months
Decision Dobi was impressed by the following aspects of MailStore Server:

  • Low acquisition cost
  • Minimal system requirements
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy access for end users
  • Seamless integration into the existing infrastructure and good support of the email server in use

Live Use

Implemented in October 2012
Number of licensed users 270
IT infrastructure in use
  • Windows 7
  • Exchange 2010 SP3
  • Outlook 2010
  • PST Files
User administration Users were created by synchronizing with Active Directory in
MailStore Server.
Archiving method Each night at a set time, MailStore Server checks the emails in all mailboxes and assigns them to their users in the archive. Employees’ individual functional levels determine how long it is before emails are deleted from the mailbox, ranging from one to six months (max.). This ensures that the volume of data on
Exchange Server remains consistently small.
End user access
  • MailStore Outlook Add-In
  • MailStore Web Access
  • MailStore Mobile Web Access
Evaluation of the technical support “Fast, professional, and available any time via telephone or
Evaluation of the documentation “Excellent. I found the information on distributing and updating MailStore via GPO particularly useful. The documentation allowed us to update MailStore Server 7 to Version 8 without any problems.”
Evaluation of the live use “End users can use MailStore Server without any previous training. The only real difficulty is that a couple of users sometimes get confused when MailStore deletes emails from Outlook.”

Overall Assessment

“Getting to grips with the storage problem on our Exchange Server had been a major challenge for us. MailStore was able to noticeably reduce the workload of the email server immediately after a simple and fast implementation. Another advantage is that both users and the IT department find it easy to operate.”

About MailStore Server

MailStore Server BoxBusinesses can benefit from the legal, technical, and financial advantages of modern, secure email archiving with MailStore Server. The software creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of any amount of data for years to come.

Users can still access their email using Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Web Access, or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, and search through them at breathtaking speed. MailStore Server combines powerful technology with low cost and user friendliness. Over 60,000 companies of all sizes across all sectors currently use MailStore Server for email archiving.

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