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Email Archiving With MailStore Server at Cognor

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Operating in the steel industry, Cognor specializes in the manufacture and distribution of steelworks and metal-scrap trading. The increasing globalization of business has seen the volume of information and data sent and received by email every day rising steadily in recent years, and it was for this reason that Cognor decided to implement MailStore Server as its email archiving solution at the end of 2022.

Cognor Reaps Many Benefits From Its Professional Email Archiving Software

The main reasons for procuring an email archiving solution were the burgeoning volume of email data, compliance with legal regulations, and a wish to reduce the load on the email server. Also, it was decided that constraints on mailbox sizes (quotas) should no longer play a role. Emails that had been swapped out to PST files could be moved to the archive, and the PST files then deleted. In addition, MailStore Server helps to simplify backup and restore processes, while providing companies with the option of simple migration to a more powerful email server later on.

„Among its advantages, I would include the ease of deployment and subsequent administration, as well as integration with various mail server connection scenarios, even unconventional ones like ours. It also allows for efficient deployment across a large number of computers and relatively simple and intuitive use by staff. Moreover, the reasonable price of the license convinced us to purchase the solution.”
Dariusz Nawrocki, Chief IT Administrator

Test Phase

Project Leader Dariusz Nawrocki, Chief IT Administrator
  • Reduction in the load on the email server
  • Elimination of size constraints on mailboxes (quotas)
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Fast, simple searching for archived emails
Length of the test phase 30 days (with free trial)
Decision Key arguments in favor of implementing MailStore Server as the email archiving solution:

  • Clear, logical web interface design
  • Intuitive, transparent administration of the MailStore software system
  • Ability to integrate with the FortiMail server being used
  • Option of integrating various email clients
  • Detailed technical documentation on software implementation
  • Extensive test phase free of charge
  • Favorable license price

Live use

Implementation date From December 2022 on
Number of licensed users 600
IT infrastructure in use
  • Windows 19
  • FortiMail
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
Evaluation of the initial installation times and costs Very low. The system was installed and configured in under an hour.
User administration Synchronization with the Active Directory in MailStore Server.
Archiving method Journaling (all the emails are copied to the archiving system the moment they arrive at the email server, i.e. even before they appear in the user’s mailbox. The same goes for outgoing emails)

About Cognor

Founded in 1991, Cognor initially traded in steel products. Its head offices are in Poland and it has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) since 1997. In 2006, Cognor became part of a global industrial group specializing in the manufacture and distribution of steelworks as well as in trading scrap metal.

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