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Case Study: Email Archiving with MailStore at Beck+Heun

HQ of Beck+Heun
“The headquarters and largest location of Beck+Heun GmbH in Mengerskirchen, Germany.“
Photo: Beck+Heun

Beck+Heun GmbH has 50 years of experience in the development of its core product, shutter boxes. Today, the medium-sized company from Mengerskirchen in Hessen, Germany, offers trendsetting shading, insulation, and ventilation solutions for windows in addition to a full range of various types of shutter and Venetian blind boxes. The highly innovative company has used the MailStore email archiving solution across its branch offices since 2011.

Optimal Price/Performance Ratio and Top Performance

“It’s easy to explain why we’ve used MailStore Server for the legally compliant archiving of all our email so consistently and for such a long time,” says Thomas Boehm, System Administrator at Beck+Heun.“ In addition to enabling us to meet legal requirements, it means we can reduce the load of our email server, eliminate mailbox quotas, and simplify our backup and restore processes.” In discussions held with those responsible for implementing and operating the archiving software made in Viersen, Germany, it becomes clear that an optimal price/performance ratio plus a reduced amount of setup and installation work are crucial factors in the decision to use MailStore Server. “In our day-to-day operations, we benefit from the fact that the software is always available and requires very little maintenance. This means we can focus on the current challenges we are facing in IT,” says Boehm, summarizing additional advantages offered by MailStore Server. He clearly recommends that others purchase the software as well: “MailStore makes our day-to-day tasks easier, and our employees find it very simple to use. We would definitely purchase the product again and are a hundred and ten percent happy to recommend the software!”

If you want to read the complete case study and many more, please follow this link: https://www.mailstore.com/en/customers/case-studies/

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