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Distinguished: EBERTLANG is the 2017 VAD of the Year

Handing over VAD 2017 trophy
Norbert Neudeck (Director of Sales, right) is handing over the VAD of the Year 2017 award to Marc Fischer and Adrian Brandter (both EBERTLANG)


It’s that time of the year again! At the beginning of every year, we announce the winner of the Value Added Distributor (VAD) Award. Our distributor for the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region has once again received the award for exceptional sales figures, repeating the victories of 2014, 2015, and 2016! EBERTLANG successfully defended its ‘pole position’ as the MailStore distributor with the highest sales worldwide. This specialized distributor for infrastructure software, headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany, has very successfully marketed our MailStore Server email archiving solution and the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Outstanding results

“EBERTLANG was successful again in 2017, even surpassing the outstanding results from the previous year! Our VAD award winner has contributed substantially to growth at MailStore by further growing sales in mid two-figures and has been instrumental in our company’s success,” states Norbert Neudeck, Director of Sales at MailStore, on the award. “EBERTLANG’s high degree of professionalism that it provides to its partners in sales and technology fortified its position in achieving outstanding sales results last year, as well.”

Philip Weber, Managing Director of MailStore, comments on the announcement of the award-winner: “EBERTLANG is our long-time, committed, and successful distributor for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Its team does an excellent job of supporting our channel partners, based on in-depth product and industry expertise and exemplifying a high degree of professionalism. In doing so, the Wetzlar-based company has significantly contributed to our growth. We will continue to expand our channel activities in the future, as these are fundamental to ensuring the success of our business. EBERTLANG is playing a crucial role in this growth, as it is continually expanding our reseller network.”

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