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Four Reasons Why End Users Are Into MailStore

The greatest advantage of an email archiving solution is the ability for users to quickly and simply access information stored in emails at any time. The level of user friendliness of the solution plays a decisive role in this context. MailStore Server scores points in everyday use thanks to its intuitive operation and the wide range of options to access archived emails. The level of user acceptance is further bolstered by an extremely fast full-text search and simple email recovery using one-click restore.

Flexible Access

MailStore Server enables all users to access their emails easily and extremely fast via the MailStore Client, the Outlook add-in, Web Access, and Mobile Web Access. Users can directly access their emails within their familiar working environment via the Outlook add-in. Alternatively to the incredibly powerful full-text search, access is possible via the original folder structure, which MailStore maps in the source during archiving. This means that users can find folders created in Microsoft Outlook unchanged in the archive after archiving.


Are you looking for an email? Here it is! MailStore Server offers extremely fast full-text searching of emails and all types of file attachments. The Quick Search function allows users to directly search all emails in the archives they have access to. The quick search is particularly well-suited for simple search requests. Alternatively, users can take advantage of the Extended Search function. This function can be used to execute complex search processes that relate to email content as well as fields such as date or email size. For recurring search requests, it is possible to store the corresponding search criteria using the Create search folder function and access it again later on.

“The solution is extremely flexible and easy to use. MailStore Server has also been very well received by our users, not least because of its fast search function.”
Phil Antill, IT and Facilities Manager at Winbro

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Simply Restore, Answer, or Forward Emails

Did you accidentally delete an email? Users can restore emails from the archive themselves with just one single mouse-click. The administrator no longer has to go through the time-consuming process of recovering them from the backup. Alternatively, users also have the option of replying to or forwarding archived emails by opening them directly in Microsoft Outlook or another email client (with no restore).

Mailbox Quotas are No Longer Necessary

Is your mailbox full? Email archiving completely eliminates the need to use mailbox quotas as a way to limit the use of a mail server’s storage capacity. Users are no longer forced to go through the time-consuming process of constantly deleting ‘less important’ emails or storing them externally, for example, in PST files, which may cause various problems.

“We had to set mailbox storage quotas when we were using Exchange Server 2007 in order to keep the constantly increasing data volume under control. This was obviously a disadvantage for users who were forced to actively manage their mailbox. We were able to solve this program effectively thanks to MailStore Server.” Ashley Hunt, Systems Coordinator at PGA Australia

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