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PGA of Australia

MailStore Implemented at PGA of Australia

MailStore Server Case Study

Case Study MailStore Implemented at PGA of Australia
The Professional Golfers Association of Australia was founded in 1911, making it the second oldest PGA in the world. This time-honored organization set itself the task of promoting the game of golf professionally, as well as improving the professional standards of the sport.

The PGA of Australia, which is based in Sandhurst, Melbourne, boasts more than 2,500 members, and organizes more than 430 golf tournaments every year. This includes the famous ‘PGA Tour of Australasia’ tournament series. Many successful and world-renowned golfers such as Kel Nagle, Adam Scott, Jack Newton, and Greg Norman started out in these tournaments.

Switching from Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud to MailStore Server

The PGA of Australia is making the most of practically all the legal, economic, and technical advantages provided by email archiving. These advantages include compliance with legal requirements, protection against data loss, removal of mailbox storage quotas, simplification of backup and restore processes, and a fast email search.

The special feature: The PGA of Australia was already using a cloud-based email archiving solution provided by Symantec, but wanted to replace it with an on-premise solution.

Ashley Hunt, Systems Coordinator at PGA, discovered MailStore Server following a web search for suitable alternatives. He began an evaluation of the solution by installing the free 30-day trial version.

It became clear after just two weeks that they would be using MailStore Server for future email archiving and decided to transfer to live use immediately. Looking back, Ashley Hunt describes this extremely short test phase as completely uncomplicated. The ‘excellent’ documentation was enough to go ahead with implementation; there was no need to contact MailStore technical support. It was not only the smooth test phase and the convincing technical features that made a strong case for MailStore Server. In the end, the inexpensive acquisition costs, reduced even more thanks to a competitive upgrade, also contributed to the decision to implement the solution.

Live Use with Exchange 2007

MailStore Server was put into productive operation in March 2013 when the archive was set up with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Since MailStore Server emails are always allocated to their recipients, users were initially created within the archive using a synchronization with the Active Directory.

The PGA opted for a two-pronged strategy in selecting the archiving method. All emails sent and received within the organization are archived entirely using the ‘journal’ mailbox, even if users want to delete them from their mailboxes at a later date. This is an important requirement when it comes to compliance with legal guidelines.

Additional mailboxes will also be archived straight away. It is possible to define deletion rules using this method of archiving, whereby emails are deleted from mailboxes according to a rule-based process, thus keeping the data load of the mail server to a minimum. This is how the PGA of Australia was able to overcome the inconvenient problem of imposing mailbox storage quotas on its users.

Combining the archiving methods actually doubles the amount of emails. However, this doesn’t have any negative effect in practice, thanks to the MailStore Server’s single-instance technology. It only files identical objects within the archive once. Besides archiving the exchange server, the PGA uses MailStore Server for archiving PST files. This is how they were able to sustainably free themselves from these insecure file formats that, from an IT perspective, were very difficult to manage.

Fast Access to Search Results

One of MailStore Server’s particular strengths is the method of access that it provides, enabling users to search their emails quickly, and conveniently utilize them at any time. The PGA of Australia is also making use of virtually all available options. Users can gain access to the archive through the integration in Outlook, MailStore Client software, MailStore Web Access, as well as on smartphones and tablets via MailStore Mobile Web Access.

Interview mit Ashley Hunt, Systems Coordinator

How would you evaluate the acquisition costs of MailStore Server?

MailStore Server is undoubtedly cheaper than the cloud offers that we had seen previously or solutions from the Enterprise range. We were previously spending $10,000 a year on the Symantec archiving service, and now we are making the most of the clear savings.

What was the main problem that you overcame thanks to MailStore Server?

We had to set mailbox storage quotas when we were using Exchange Server 2007 in order to keep the constantly increasing data volume under control. This was obviously a disadvantage for users who were forced to actively manage their mailbox. We were able to solve this program effectively thanks to MailStore Server.

How was MailStore Server received by your end users?

MailStore Server was implemented very smoothly in this respect. Our users were very satisfied with the new solution from the outset, and they actively use the numerous access options such as the Outlook Add-in for everyday work. The high-performance full-text search was also an important factor in the solution being accepted.

Overall Assessment

“From an IT administrator’s perspective, MailStore Server is simple to install and easy to manage. The documentation is a great help when it comes to installation and it is easy to set up. When it comes to the archiving methods provided, the solution is enormously versatile and noticeably lightweight,”
explains Ashley Hunt.

Project Overview

Industry Sports association
Headquarters Sandhurst, Victoria, Australien
Primary requirements
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Eliminate mailbox quotas
  • Simplify backup and restore
  • Protect against data loss
  • Quickly search all emails
Implemented in March 2013
Number of licensed users 70
Email infrastructure in use Microsoft Exchange 2007, PST Files, Microsoft Outlook

Similar References

The British Professional Footballers Association (PFA) as well as the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), the US governing body that oversees the Olympic disciplines of skiing and snowboarding, also put their trust in MailStore Server technology. At the USSA, the emails are reliably secured from 150 mailboxes and protected from data loss.

About MailStore Server

MailStore Server BoxBusinesses can benefit from the legal, technical, and financial advantages of modern, secure email archiving with MailStore Server. The software creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of any amount of data for years to come.

Users can still access their email using Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Web Access, or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, and search through them at breathtaking speed. MailStore Server combines powerful technology with low cost and user friendliness. Over 60,000 companies of all sizes across all sectors currently use MailStore Server for email archiving.

Competitive Upgrade

The PGA of Australia switched from another manufacturer’s archiving solution to MailStore Server and was able to reap the rewards of a competitive upgrade program. You can find more information at:

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