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Case Study: MailStore in its Sixth Year at Enid Public Schools

Michael Shellito, District Systems Administrator at Enid Public Schools in Oklahoma, reports about how MailStore Server has proved itself over the course of six years in our new case study.

Back in 2009, the school district’s IT department searched for a suitable email archiving solution for its 17 schools and education centers. The solution needed to allow the Enid Public Schools to fulfill the legal requirements for retaining email. In addition, the email backup and restore processes needed to be simplified and data loss prevented. In the course of the four weeks evaluation MailStore Server has scored points. It fulfilled all criteria and distinguished itself in particular by its “reasonable cost of acquisition per user, simplicity of setup, ease of configuration in the Exchange environment, and minimal administrative requirements,” according to the customer. The solution was implemented in December 2009. Since that time, MailStore Server has reliably archived the email from 1,250 Exchange mailboxes. Archiving was later expanded to 1,500 mailboxes because of the satisfactory experience with MailStore and the strong growth of the schools.

Six years after the introduction of MailStore, Michael Shellito is still convinced of its advantages. “I have only great things to say about MailStore. I would recommend its email archiving solution to any organization. Its simplicity of setup, ease of configuration, and minimal administration requirements make MailStore Server an excellent archiving solution.”

Are you interested in learning more about the experiences gained by Enid Public Schools in ongoing maintenance, software stability, and MailStore technical support? Read the complete case study for a real-world perspective about email archiving with MailStore Server.

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