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MailStore Server Archives Emails at Tiefenbacher Law Firm

tiefenbacher-blogFounded in 1980, the Tiefenbacher law firm specializes in commercial law and employs 160 people at its offices in Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Dresden, Leipzig, Erfurt, and Jena. The law firm has been using MailStore Server for legally compliant email archiving since September 2014.

Philipp Weber, IT Administrator and Project Leader at Tiefenbacher, set himself to the task of introducing an email archiving solution that overcomes the following challenges: Comply with legal retention periods, eliminate large numbers of PST files that have not yet been saved, and guarantee fast access to the information stored in the emails.

After a four-week test phase, a decision was made in favor of MailStore Server. What won over the law firm was the seamless installation, simple management, high level of user friendliness, and the fact that it was possible to use the existing hardware for installation of the software solution on a virtual machine.

Read more about MailStore Server at Tiefenbacher in our latest case study.

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