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From the Test Laboratory: Greatly Increased Archiving Performance with MailStore Server 9

MailStore Server performs a check on every email in the mailbox to see whether it is already in the archive when archiving from mailboxes. This is how it prevents duplicates from occurring in the archive.

The time required for this process varies and depends on the number of mailboxes to be archived, the volume of received email, and the size of the existing archive.

Now an intelligent caching system and a new store hinting algorithm have been implemented in MailStore Server 9 for the first time. These greatly reduce the time required for checking emails when archiving mailboxes.

Read our new white paper to learn more about how MailStore Server 9 proves its worth during a performance test and how you can achieve an even greater increase in performance.

Performance dell’Archiviazione di MailStore Server 9 - MailStore Server 17.10.2014 16:19
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