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New Guidelines: Performance and Scalability of MailStore Server

MailStore Server was developed to efficiently and securely manage large and rapidly growing volumes of data for many years to come. To this end, MailStore Server features highly optimized storage technology that does not require an external SQL server – even with a large number of users and corresponding volumes of data – and offers users fast access to their search results.

While MailStore Server can be used ‘out of the box’ in smaller companies, larger companies should consider the solution within the context of their broader IT infrastructures.

As such, before using MailStore Server in live systems, we recommend implementing a short planning phase that takes the following aspects into account for long-term system performance and scalability:

  • Selecting the relevant hardware sizing
  • Selecting a suitable storage system
  • Selecting the right archiving strategy
  • Investigating the impact of search operations

Consult our MailStore Server Help for detailed information. The referring articles can be found under the System Requirements and Guidelines for Performance and Scalability sections. Take advantage of the opportunity to contact our technical support team to discuss your individual scenario.

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