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Enhancement for Directory Service Synchronization: Automatically Delete Users in MailStore Server

Administrators who synchronize MailStore Server user accounts with the Active Directory are able to automatically delete users in MailStore Server starting in version 8.1.

They need to simply activate an option in the user database synchronization settings. Afterward, whenever user accounts in the Active Directory are synchronized with the MailStore Server user database, users who have been deleted from the Active Directory will also be removed from MailStore Server. This allows companies with high labor turnover rates to perform fewer operations, since these user accounts will no longer have to be manually removed in MailStore Server. The archives of deleted users will not be automatically deleted in the process.

You will find a short guide on how to set up the automatic deletion of users in the ‘Synchronizing User Accounts with Active Directory’ section of the MailStore Server help page.

Best Practice Tip: Before performing a deletion, we recommend displaying the users you want to delete using the ‘Test Settings’ option in order to check the updated synchronization settings.

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