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Case Study Legal Services NYC: MailStore Server Reduces the Workload of the Exchange Server

The non-profit organization ‘Legal Services New York City (NYC)’ offers free legal aid to low-income individuals in New York City. Over 600 employees and volunteers are increasingly using emailing for internal and external collaboration as well as communication with customers and opposing parties. The increasing volume of emails was causing various problems. John T. Greiner, Chief Information Officer at Legal Services New York City, explains in our case study how MailStore Server improved the performance of the exchange server and made backups easier. You will also learn why the non-profit organization recommends MailStore Server.

Project Overview

Customer: Legal Services New York City
Branch of industry: Nonprofit organization
Primary requirements: Reduce the load on exchange server, simplify backup and restore
Solution: MailStore Server
Licensed users: 600
Email infrastructure in use: Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2010

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