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Case Study Marinello Schools of Beauty: MailStore Beats out the Competition

Since May 2011, Marinello Schools of Beauty has relied on MailStore Server to archive over 1,600 mailboxes, successfully reducing their storage requirements in the process. The ever-increasing volume of emails at Marinello was behind the decision to implement an archiving solution. Mike Gerges, Information Technology Vice President at Marinello, was looking for a suitable solution for optimizing the complex storage management system.

Read our current case study to learn why Marinello chose MailStore Server and what Mike Gerges considers to be the benefits provided by our solution.

Project overview

Customer:  Marinello Schools of Beauty
Industry: Cosmetics
Headquarters:  Whittier, California, USA
Primary requirement: Reduction of storage requirements
Solution: MailStore Server
Implemented in: March 2011
Number of licensed users:  1,600
Email infrastructure in use:  Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2010

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