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MailStore Server Scripting – Beyond the GUI

Since MailStore Server 7, additionally to the MailStore Server Management Shell, a MailStore Server Management API exists. In contrast to the Management Shell, which mainly focusses on automating client side functions (e.g. archiving, exporting, etc.), the Management API allows you to execute certain server side functions from a remote host or other programs. For instance this allows managing users as well as archive stores.

Both interfaces enable you to implement daily tasks, like synchronizing user by your own script, but also exceptional ones as often seen in migration projects. Based on XML or JSON data, especially the Management API is suitable for more complex tasks.

You can now find a couple of scripts that address certain questions we are often asked for in the support team, in the scripting section of the MailStore Server Help. For simple tasks you will find Windows batch scripts, whereas Python-Scripts provide solutions for more complex problems. Part of the scripting package is our MailStore Management API Python Wrapper, which is also used by our own Python scripts. This saves you from dealing with JSON objects in your own Python scripts. Detailed instruction about setting up an environment to run Python scripts as well as using the scripts can be found in the Scripting article.

The whole scripting area will be continuously extended by our support team specialists. These are also available to you in case you run into any issues with the scripts.

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