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New MailStore Corporate Design

Today we have launched our new website presenting the new MailStore corporate design. The key element of the optimized internet presence is the new company logo – which comes with a clarity of  shape, a dynamic designing and the catchy MailStore colour scheme. Take a look at www.mailstore.com and enjoy! We also would appreciate your feedback.

But the MailStore webpage is not only offering a new design, but also optimized content and a user-friendly structure. New whitepapers are available as well as  technical background information. The access to the website is possible by choosing a certain product – or solution-oriented: Single market segments are focussed as well as the most important fields of application for an email archiving software.

And what was the reason for creating a new MailStore online-world? Our CEO Tim Berger points out: „The email archiving sector is a rapidly growing market. Our sales figures are developing very well. We are now targeting Asia and the North-American markets. Regarding this we created the new look-and-feel.“

The clear and contemporary design, the high usability structure and the new content are now online following www.mailstore.com.

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