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Email Archiving as Protection Against Data Loss within Companies: Five Scenarios

In the IT environment at companies of all sizes, emails can get lost for many reasons every day. The five most common scenarios are:

  • Users delete emails accidentally or intentionally, for instance, employees often delete their entire inbox when they leave the company.
  • Mailbox limits force users to delete their emails or to store them as PST files.
  • Emails can also be lost due to incomplete data backup – for instance, when emails are deleted before they are backed up for the first time.
  • Emails can be lost because PST files are corrupt or often not backed up.
  • Emails are in many cases distributed across different systems, servers, email programs, or external mailboxes. Over the years, this decentralized data storage can gradually lead to data loss.

For companies, the loss of emails means not only the loss of important information, but also the loss of productivity. Employees need fast, easy, and, above all, complete access to the information contained in their emails in order to work efficiently on a daily basis.

The centralized archiving of all emails within a company is an effective means of protection against data loss. The archiving process can be set up in such a way that all existing emails and all future incoming and outgoing emails can be archived automatically. In this way, users can neither change nor delete emails before they are archived.

No Mailbox Limits and PST Files Needed

With archiving, mailbox limits are no longer necessary. The archiving solution can delete emails over a certain age from the mailboxes, so that the data volume on the email server is maintained at a constant level. At the same time, users still have guaranteed access to all of their emails through the archive (e.g., directly from Microsoft Outlook).

Generally considered a special challenge for administrators, PST files can also be archived and removed afterward. Since mailbox limits are unnecessary in an email archiving scenario, PST files are no longer required for storing emails outside of the mailboxes.

A solution such as MailStore Server makes it possible to archive emails from one source–or many different email systems. In this way, emails from heterogeneous IT landscapes, which have often grown over the course of many years, can also be archived centrally.

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