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MailStore Server 6: Compliance

Now that new MailStore Server 6 is published we want to inform you of the key innovations coming with this version of the leading email archiving software. I’d like to start with an overview of the new compliance features.

What does the term “compliance” essentially mean? “Compliance is a state in which someone or something is in accordance with established guidelines, specifications, or legislation.” (techtarget.com) For disambiguation this is helpful.  In medicine for example compliance means the adherence of patients to a recommended course of treatment. If a sick person follows doctor’s directions he is compliant. This factor is extremely important with chronic diseases – a new field of research is dealing with it. Eventually it is all about money – and we have reached the business area.  In companies naturally the strict accordance with laws and ordinances is in the focus as well as observance to internal regulations. Or as Wikipedia cuts it right to the chase of the matter:  “Regulatory compliance describes the goal that corporations or public agencies aspire to in their efforts to ensure that personnel are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations.”

Email archiving is part of this topic area. Compliance with legislative requirements  and to fulfill internal email policy is possible with MailStore Server 6. Even small businesses benefit from features usually associated with more complex solutions such as retention policies, legal hold and auditor access control. MailStore now helps companies better monitor information flow, ensure the availability of mission-critical data and adopt a reliable archiving strategy that will scale for years to come.

Retention Policies. With MailStore Server 6 emails can be stored in the archive in blocks sorted by year or month, for example. More recent blocks (e.g. less than ten years old) can be write-protected, while older ones can be completely detached from the archive.
Legal Hold. Activating this feature means that deleting of any email is prohibited.
Auditor Access. MailStore Server provides for the setup of user accounts with read-only access to the entire archive or parts thereof. Using the full-text search feature of such an account, auditors can browse and view the archived emails and, if needed, export individual or all emails in various formats for further use.
Audit Logging. As shown on the screenshot you can specify here which events will be written to the Windows Event Log – in compliance with the guidelines of your organization.

Another new feature  is the Email Preview Barrier for Administrators. Many of MailStore customers asked for a functionality to provide the technical responsible person from having access to all clients content.

A brief summary of MailStore’s compliance features you can also find here.

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