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A MailStore Hymn on Facebook

We at MailStore are really delighted with the comments of those who like us on facebook. More than 750 social networkers pressed that button you all know. But what is most astonishing: Lots of you dropped a very positive note. We are greatly impressed. Maybe there is a vague causal nexus with our newsletter campaign? Who knows exactly…

Some citations:

“Super program. Saved my bacon number of times.” (Robert Nicolaas C.B.)
“I’ve used it twice to migrate from Outlook to Thunderbird and back to Outlook again. I use it every work day to archive the mails I have as a backup system. It is a fantastic tool which I can highly recommend!” (Deborah I.)
“This program is absolutely the best one when it comes to backing up your email. And it’s free.” (Valeri P.)
“It really works, no muss, no fuss.” (Frederick L.)
“MailStore straightens out the .pst mess that is Microsoft Outlook, it’s unobtrusive, a killer way to archive and retrieve any email. And it’s cheap! Legend!” (Graham D.)

My favourite comment is Andrew P.s:
“I only recently discovered MailStore and it has quickly become indispensible for locating important emails across multiple .pst files as well as online imap and pop accounts. It really helps identify and remove, if wanted, duplicate emails across these different email repositories, but most importantly it helps find emails that may have have been misplaced during switchovers of email providers, or migrating to new PCs, or new versions of email software. From now all my email is backed up properly using this tool, truly impressive, and at an unbeatable price. My only regret is that I did not discover this tool many years ago!”

Even in Spain they love us:
“MailStore – Sencillo y práctico. Ideal para copias de seguridad de correo.” (Cesar Cruz O.)

Finally some Dutch – our user Luk C. says:
“MailStore veruit een van de nuttigste pogramma’s van de laatste jaren. Eigenlijk is het een onmisbaar pogramma voor diegene die hun mail gebruiken voor belangrijke dingen.”

“I would not be without my MailStore.” (Graham D.) – Same here!

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