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What customers really want

We at MailStore thought our software to be the best solution to archive all company and organization email durably and centrally. Our aim was to help accelerating email compliance and eDiscovery just as giving admins the chance to increase email server efficiency.

We achieved this goal!
Which does not mean that people outside use our tiny tool for these purposes only. Our support team often receives feedback from customers like Takahiro Shima, Yahoo! JAPAN:
“By archiving our emails with MailStore we were able to switch from old server to new server – without an extensive migration process for a large number of mailboxes.
Our users are now able to access their old emails via MailStore and there was no need to burden the new server with loads of old emails.”

We like it, of course. Migration obviously is a big talking point in corporations. IT-responsibles are looking for a simple and very reasonable solution and more and more frequently make use of MailStore Server when they have to change the email infrastructure.

“MailStore is an excellent tool not only for email backup but also for migration of email between different email servers.   We used MailStore to migrate 50 user accounts between Zimbra and Microsoft Online Services and it worked great.  The wide variety of email protocols MailStore provides, gives us some assurance that we can efficiently migrate again in the future.” (John Helewa, Chief Technology Officer, KAB Laboratories, Inc.)

Did I mention that we jump for joy reading these compliments? And needless to say we use it to enforce the development for solutions of future tasks…

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