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Guide to Email Archiving

Email is still the no. 1 digital communication channel in the business environment. Find out how to correctly manage and secure the business-relevant information contained in your emails.

How Much Do You Know About Email Archiving?

What is email archiving actually? What economic and legal grounds exist for archiving your emails in a professional manner? Why are backups not an adequate substitute, and how can I find an archiving solution that is right for me? You’ll find answers to these questions in our white paper entitled “Guide to Email Archiving”.

From the Contents:

  • What is email archiving and what archiving strategies are there?
  • Why is email archiving so important?
  • Retention policies and data privacy: how email archiving can help
  • The benefits of email archiving for your IT department and your business
  • Check List: find the right email archiving solution for your needs

Target Group

  • Heads of IT, IT administrators, CIOs, CSIOs, compliance officers
  • CEOs and business owners who are interested in email archiving and need to get all the facts

Download our 24-page white paper here for free!