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Ceska televize

Email Archiving With MailStore Server at Česká televize

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Česká televize is a public-service broadcaster in the Czech Republic. With seven channels covering news, sports, culture and entertainment, Česká televize is one of the country’s leading broadcasters. The organization also offers a wide range of media services for customers at home and abroad, such as the rental of recording and sound equipment, the provision of broadcast signals for international events, and the production of commercials.

Efficient Email Management: Demands on the Email Archiving Solution

Given the constant increase in email inventories, a means had to be found to manage all the organization’s emails effectively. Česká televize believed that a professional email archiving solution was the way forward. The previous Barracuda software based on a stubbing process was not up to the challenge, and a new email archiving solution was sought. Criteria for the software included simple and straightforward archiving of large volumes of emails from Microsoft Exchange Server, and easy scalability of user licensing. User-friendliness too played a crucial role in the decision-making process: users had to be able to search for old emails in the archive easily via Outlook, then restore these themselves if necessary.

MailStore Server Meets the Requirements and Replaces the Competitor Product

Having compared several products from the competition, Česká televize opted for MailStore Server as the replacement for its previous solution. And MailStore Server soon delivered the desired benefits. Implementing and setting up the software was quick and easy and, in no time at all, Česká televize was able to copy existing emails and file attachments to the archive using the mailbox archiving method, thus safeguarding important correspondence. After successfully archiving all the old email inventories, the archiving method was switched to journaling to allow all newly received and dispatched emails to be saved directly to the archive as well, thus eliminating the risk of data loss or manipulation. All the archived emails remained easily accessible for users and administrators alike, significantly enhancing the process of managing email communications. A positive side-effect is that the mail archive doesn’t just protect information essential to the company’s business success, it also helps it comply with country-specific laws on the retention of business-relevant data.

Additional Benefits: Improvement in Storage Efficacy and Enhanced Performance

In addition, MailStore Server helps relieve the pressure on the Microsoft Exchange Server instance. By swapping out older emails to the archive, the amount of storage required can be reduced, performance improved and, ultimately, usage of the email infrastructure optimized.

„By implementing MailStore Server, we were able to meet the challenges posed by email archiving, while the user-friendly search and restore feature allowed us to significantly enhance storage efficiency and user productivity.”
Jakub Houska, System Engineer

Test Phase

Project Leader Jakub Houska, System Engineer
  • Archive email volumes
  • Guard against data loss
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Reduce load on the email server
  • Simple management of email communications
  • Quick and easy searches for archived emails
Length of the test phase 30 days (with free trial)
Decision Key arguments in favor of implementing MailStore Server as the email archiving solution:

  • Simple to install and set up
  • User licenses are easily scaled
  • Uncomplicated long-term archiving
  • Intuitive operation
  • Self-service for users

Live use

Implementation date From 2022 on
Number of licensed users More than 2.000
IT infrastructure in use
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
Evaluation of the initial installation times and costs Very low installation and setup times. MailStore Server was quick to install and easy to set up.
User administration Synchronization with the Active Directory in MailStore Server.
Archiving method Initially, mailbox archiving used to archive the old mail inventories. Then, journal archiving used to prevent data loss and create seamless archives.

About Česká televize

Founded on January 1, 1992, Česká televize is a public-service broadcaster in the Czech Republic that offers seven different channels covering news, sports, culture and entertainment. Česká televize is financed through TV license fees, the provision of proprietary services and income from advertising and sponsoring.

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