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MailStore Software GmbH is an owner-operated technology company based in Viersen, Germany, near Düsseldorf. We specialize in developing email archiving solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

Our goal is to provide the best available technology to support our customers in making efficient and sustainable use of email as one of the most valuable and comprehensive information resources of our time.

Made in Germany, Global Leader

With over 22,000 corporate customers in over 100 countries, we are one of the global leaders in our field. Our products and solutions are used by small and medium-sized businesses from all sectors, as well as by public and educational institutions. Millions of private users are also using our free MailStore Home software, which means they contribute to the ongoing market testing of our technologies.

Highly Specialized

Our customers expect our solutions to guarantee the security and availability of their data for years to come. This presents us with two essential challenges: For one, the surrounding IT infrastructure is subject to constant change, while, at the same time, the amount of emails to be managed continues to grow dramatically over the years.

Our high degree of specialization ensures that all our attention is focused on upgrading our archiving solutions, thereby guaranteeing the long-term security and satisfaction of our customers.

Consulting and Support Are Our Top Priorities

Our solutions have become a worldwide standard. This means that you don’t need to contact us directly in order to test, purchase, or implement our software – unless you really want to.

At MailStore, we’re proud of our technical support services, which are provided exclusively by a team of highly qualified IT experts at locations in Germany, the U.S., and Canada who handle cases within extremely short response times. We see ourselves not only as problem solvers – we also provide our customers with in-depth support during implementation planning.

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