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Archive or backup?

Recently we had this discussion with several customers and fellow bloggers about using MailStore as a backup solution only. At a certain point there was…  Read more

Download MailStore Outlook Add-in BETA

Yesterday we published the MailStore Outlook Add-in BETA for MailStore Server 5.2 or higher. With that MailStore supports Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit. And from…  Read more

What customers really want

We at MailStore thought our software to be the best solution to archive all company and organization email durably and centrally. Our aim was to…  Read more

MailStore on YouTube

Last year we added our image video to YouTube – but never talked about. Now we catch up on it. Have a look at this…  Read more

40 Years @ – Brief History of a Ligature

Ray Tomlinson is going to celebrate a milestone birthday this year. The American pioneer of computer programming turns 70, congratulations! Tomlinson’s most important widget, resulting…  Read more

MailStore Server Access via IMAP

Next to the already existing MailStore Outlook Add-in and Web Access, MailStore Server version 5.1 offers users yet another alternative to access their archived email.…  Read more