Whitepaper: Guide to Email Archiving

Email is still the no. 1 digital communication channel in the business environment. Find out how to correctly manage and secure the business-relevant information contained in your emails.

You can expect:

  • Overview of the different methods of email archiving
  • Expert knowledge on retention policies and data privacy
  • Checklist to find the right archiving strategy

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How Much Do You Know About Email Archiving?

What is email archiving actually? What economic and legal grounds exist for archiving your emails in a professional manner? Why are backups not an adequate substitute, and how can I find an archiving solution that is right for me? You’ll find answers to these questions in our white paper entitled “Guide to Email Archiving”.

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The white paper is specifically targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are interested in email archiving.

About the White Paper
Date of publication: 2023
Length: 24 pages
Format: PDF file to download
Target group: – Heads of IT, IT managers and administrators
– CIOs, CSIOs, Compliance officers
– CEOs, and business owners
From the Contents
  • What is email archiving and what archiving strategies are there?
  • Why is email archiving so important?
  • Retention policies and data privacy: how email archiving can help
  • The benefits of email archiving for your IT department and your business
  • Check List: find the right email archiving solution for your needs

About MailStore

MailStore Software GmbH from Viersen near Düsseldorf, Germany, is one of the world’s leading providers of email archiving solutions. Over 100,000 companies, public authorities and educational institutions in more than 100 countries have placed their trust in the products of the German specialist. Because we are “the Experts in Email Archiving”.