Email Archiving for Exchange Server

Learn more about the available email archiving options for Exchange Server. This document is meant to assist you in choosing the best archiving scenario for your company.

Exchange Server – Email Archiving Capabilities Compared

Do you know the different email archiving options available for Microsoft Exchange Server? With Microsoft Exchange Server, you can choose between two scenarios ensuring email archiving that helps to meet a growing number of compliance requirements and can also assist with eDiscovery scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Use of the “In-Place Archive” provided by Microsoft
    This scenario allows you to create an additional “In-Place Archive” mailbox for each user mailbox.
  • Scenario 2: Use of an external archiving solution
    This scenario describes how an external archiving solution, e.g. MailStore Server, can be used.

In our whitepaper, we take a look at these two scenarios in more detail and compare them with regards to the requirements on the IT infrastructure, taking the following topics into account:

  • Storage capacity requirements
  • Data backup requirements
  • Time and resources spent on restoring emails
  • Redundancy and downtimes
  • Licenses and costs
  • Effort required for the IT administrator

Whitepaper: Email Archiving Options for Exchange Server

Whitepaper Exchange Server - Email Archiving Capabilities Compared
The 5-page whitepaper is meant to help you choose the ideal archiving scenario for your company and your needs.

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