Tech Tips: Using a NAS System

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In our latest video, we explain how you can use MailStore Server with a NAS (network attached storage).

What is a NAS system?

NAS systems provide storage space in the local network via special network protocols. As such, a NAS system can be a simple Windows system with a directory share or a special NAS appliance with its own operating system, including its own administrative interface.

If you want to store productive data or create a backup of it, then it can make sense to use a NAS system together with MailStore Server.

Prerequisites for a NAS system

A NAS system should fulfill two prerequisites so that you can use it successfully:

  • Continuous operation: The NAS system shouldn’t be switched off or put in standby mode while a MailStore Server service that accesses a NAS system is running. Continuous operation of the NAS system prevents the MailStore Server database from being damaged, and therefore prevents data loss.
  • Available storage space: In order to move an existing MailStore database, storage space that’s twice as large as the size of the current archive should be available.

You can find further information about using NAS systems in our Help article.

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