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Case Study: MailStore Server Scores Points for Increased Reliability and Impresses Indianapolis Airport Authority

The Indianapolis Airport Authority, operator of Indianapolis International Airport, opted for MailStore Server to replace its previous email archiving solution one and a half years ago. The IT department was prompted to take this step as a result of the old system’s high costs, low user-friendliness and poor reliability.

This makes us even happier that the Indianapolis Airport Authority associates our software with such positive experiences: “We were able to archive the first email just a few minutes after installation. MailStore Server has delivered cost savings, improved efficiencies, and excellent reliability. Furthermore it has been running smoothly and without any disruptions for over a year and a half,” says Richard Edwards, Senior Systems Administrator for the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

In our new case study, Richard Edwards describes at length how MailStore Server has proved successful since being implemented at the Indianapolis Airport Authority in September 2011.

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